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Introduction to Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) [WR9501]

This three-part training provides the student with an understanding of Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM). It also provides an overview of the business problems the AIM solution solves, and the new standard for such solutions. It introduces CommScope’s imVision solution. Last it provides more detail on how AIM can help in complex network scenarios.

Estimated study time: 30 minutes

Overall content duration: 24 minutes


The webcasts for this course are available in the following languages:

plus additional languages available for asssessments.

Pre-requisite experience

No pre-requisite knowledge of automated infrastructure management is required.


This course will enable you to understand the business needs for automated infrastructure management (AIM) solutions as well as an understanding on the imVision hardware and software. Last, it will provide specifics on how AIM helps in complex network environments.

  • Part One: The need for automated infrastructure management (AIM)
  • Part Two: Features and benefits of AIM and imVision
  • Part Three: Managing complexity with AIM​

How will I learn?

You will study this webinar course online in a self- paced format. The webinar course is made up of three webinars that were recorded when delivered and is now available to view as online videos. There is no assessment for the webinar course, so the course is completed by participating in viewing all the webinars in the course.

Successful completion will require

This course is information only and there is no assessment. To complete the​ course you need to view the webinars within the course.

Is this the right course for me?

This course is for anyone seeking to understand the fundamentals of automated infrastructure management.

Upon successful completion you will

Receive a certificate that may be self-printed.​

Course information:

Certificate valid for 1 year

Estimated study time: 30 minutes

Overall content duration: 24 minutes

Course Benefits

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Effective learning
  • Learn on the go and on-site
  • Cost effective
  • Consistent training globally
  • Available in many languages
  • Access latest material

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