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Learning that suits you

The CommScope Infrastructure Academy is a leader in the infrastructure market for delivering high quality, interactive training using online technologies.

With over 25 years experience in the infrastructure training market, we have committed ourselves to delivering training online to our users because we believe in the benefits of e-learning.

Self Paced

We all learn at different speeds and have different areas of expertise and with e-learning the student is in control of the pace of their learning.

We put the student at the heart of the training experience.

Qualifications Faster

E-Learning allows the student to start their training straight away, no waiting for the next scheduled class.

Once booked and access approved, the student can begin their training and gain their certification quickly, while at the same time fitting the training around their existing commitments and so reducing disruption.


E-Learning has been proven to be more effective than classroom training because the training is self-paced, usually more interactive and the student feels more comfortable learning in a less pressured environment.

More effective training leads to improved retention and therefore a more skilled workforce.

Cost Savings

It is no secret that classroom based training can be extremely costly. Not only is the cost of training high, due to large overheads, but on top of this there are often travel expenses, accommodation and expenses costs and most importantly the cost of lost productivity while the workforce is away on training.

E-Learning reduces these costs dramatically because the students study from the office, so no expensive travel or accommodation costs, but importantly the learning is flexible, so the student can fit their studying around work commitments and at a pace to suit them.


The same online courses are delivered to thousands of students around the globe and because the courses are all delivered the same way to all these students, you can be certain that all students are receiving the same high level of training.

Up-to-Date Material

Anyone who has completed one of our online courses has access to the course material for a period of 2 years after the course is complete and during this time will receive updates to the course material.


Our e-learning material is translated into up to 133 languages, so if you'd prefer to take your training in one of our many languages, then you can be assured that the same consistent training is delivered.

With over 70 courses, 15,000 online courses are completed each year with the CommScope Infrastructure Academy.

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