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Addressing topics from infrastructure design, installation and maintenance, to the challenges of cabling for intelligent buildings, CommScope Cabling Training Courses allow students to learn online, and at their own pace.

Providing a detailed cabling resource library, the CommScope cabling courses are simple to access and continue to support students well after course completion.


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Course Name: SYSTIMAX Design and Engineering

Course Number: SP3321

Price: USD $850.00

Online Course


Foundation course for SYSTIMAX solutions, supporting the warranty and providing a platform for specialized design courses.

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Course Name: SYSTIMAX MasterClass D&E and I&M Recertification

Course Number: SP3351

Price: USD $360.00

Online Course

7h 42m

Recertify in D&E and I&M with the latest SYSTIMAX Design and Installation changes. Covers important revisions in both courses.

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Course Name: SYSTIMAX Installation & Maintenance

Course Number: SP3361

Price: USD $295.00

Online Course

9h 40m

Learn SYSTIMAX termination & testing best practices. Approved Partner students can register projects for SYSTIMAX warranty.

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Course Name: SYSTIMAX Installation and Maintenance Recertification

Course Number: SP3361R

Price: USD $295.00

Online Course

7h 15m

This is designed as an update course for students who have completed the online SP3361 or classroom-based ND3361. Developed specifically with...

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Course Name: SYSTIMAX Installation and Maintenance

Course Number: ND3361

Classroom Course

Learn SYSTIMAX termination & testing practices in this hands-on course. Approved Partner students can warranty SYSTIMAX sites for...

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Course Name: SYSTIMAX Installation and Maintenance - 'In House Training'

Course Number: FC3361

Classroom Course

FC version of SYSTIMAX I&M (ND3361) allows in-house training by a qualified instructor.

What to Expect from Our Cabling Training Courses

Practical Topics

Understand the growing market for cabling technologies and their applications. Select the topics best suited to you.

No Pre-Requisite Experience Required

This course is of interest to anyone working with cabling infrastructure, and all technical abilities.

Valid for Up To 3 Years

Certification is valid for up to 3 years, with regularly updated course resource material accessible throughout validity.

Easy Access

Access our entire course library, with regularly updated resources available both during and after your course has been completed.

Comprehensive Online Video Webcasts

Multimedia classes and assessments make training quick, engaging and interesting. Train to your schedule and learn on the go; from your computer, tablet or mobile.

Expert, Experienced Instruction

Our experienced training developers are industry experts; dedicated to practical instruction and support to ensure you understand what can be complex material.

Recognized Certification

Gain certification and validation from a globally recognized company. For relevant training courses, photo ID badges are provided to CommScope Partners via the Infrastructure Academy App.

Enhanced Career Prospects

Self-paced training that prepares you to further your career in networking and infrastructure roles in public and private sectors.

Learning Support

Easily contactable support team to offer practical, proficient advice to support you throughout your training.

For Training Managers

Flexible online training for teams of all abilities

Course Goals

Keeping a team with varied abilities certified, productive and up to date can be challenging, especially if they are on site or away from the office.

These courses cover multiple aspects of cabling technology and can be adapted to suit the needs of both new students and experienced staff who need recertification.

Course Benefits

  • Cost effective, online training for entire teams, regardless of technical ability
  • Course is adaptable: students can learn at their own pace, choose most relevant topics, and learn in their language of choice
  • Team productivity is enhanced as online training fits around day-to-day schedules
  • Your employee retention is improved, your workforce is better skilled and your company profile is increased

For Engineers & Students

Secure the knowledge you need for a cabling future

Course Goals

Cabling technology is a rapidly growing market.

Major companies will be looking for cabling certified individuals for the future, so secure the knowledge you will need to work in cabling today.

Course Benefits

  • Receive the certification to progress to higher levels in electrical engineering, communications technology, and related fields
  • Be employable for cabling and infrastructure related jobs in both public and private sectors
  • Enhance your skills and profile by understanding the principles of cabling and its applications

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