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BICSI Accredited courses

The following CommScope Academy courses carry BICSI accreditation and BICSI CEC can be gained upon completion of these courses:

Infrastructure Specialist Courses CECs
SP1000 Infrastructure Solutions for Broadband Applications 5
SP3000 Structured Cabling Infrastructure Design 10
SP3500 CFTIS Field Testing of Cabling Systems 4
SP4420 CFOIS Fiber Optic Infrastructure Specialist 7
SP6180 CMWIS Microwave Radio Antenna Site Planning 3
SP6500 CRWIS RF Wireless Infrastructure Fundamentals 5
SP8850 CDCCS Pre Terminated Data Center Solutions course 8
SP3321 SYSTIMAX Design and Engineering 12
SP3351 SYSTIMAX MasterClass 8
ND/FC3361 SYSTIMAX SCS Installation and Maintenance 15
SP3361R I&M Recertification 3
SP4400 CommScope Enterprise Fiber Solutions 4
SP4410 CommScope OSP Fiber Design & Engineering 1
SP5602 SYSTIMAX Sales Solutions 2
SP7700 Cabling for Intelligent Buildings 5
SP7710 CommScope Security Design and Engineering 4
SP8800 SYSTIMAX Data Center Fundamentals 4
SP8810 SYSTIMAX Data Center Design and Engineering 7
SP8820 SYSTIMAX Data Center Solutions 5
SPCCCS CommScope Coax Cable Solutions 1
SYSTIMAX iPatch/imVision Courses CECs
GL5555 SYSTIMAX Certified imVision Support Specialist 25
GL5555R SYSTIMAX Certified imVision Support Specialist Recertification 2
AMP Netconnect Courses CECs
SP3801 Installing Premises Cabling Systems ACT I 5
SP3802 Certifying and Troubleshooting Premises Cabling Systems ACT II 5
SP3801R Installation Recertification Training ACT I 3
ND3801 Installing Premises Cabling Systems NETCONNECT ACT I 9
ND3802 Certifying and Troubleshooting Premises Cabling Systems NETCONNECT ACT II 14
ND3803 Designing Premises Cabling Systems NETCONNECT ACT III 19
Uniprise Courses CECs
SPUCI Uniprise Certified Installer 8
SPUCIR Uniprise Certified Installer Recertification 4
SPUCIC Uniprise Certified Installer Cross-Certification (from SYSTIMAX) 4
CommScope JDSU Courses CECs
SP4700 JDSU Get Fiber Smart 1
CommScope Broadband Courses CECs
SP1010 CommScope Broadband Drop Solutions 2
SP1020 CommScope Broadband OSP Fiber Solutions 2
SP1030 CommScope Broadband FTTX Solutions 4
SP1040 CommScope Broadband Trunk and Distribution Solutions 2
SP1050 CommScope Broadband ConQuest Solutions 3
SP1100 CommScope Broadband Drop Installation Fundamentals 2
CommScope Wireless Courses CECs
SP6101 Connector Attachment Certification 1
SP6105 Microwave Radio Antenna Link Fundamentals Training 2
SP6160 PIM/VSWR Certification Training 2
SP6170 Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) 3
SP6550 In-Building RF Wireless Fundamentals 4

To receive BICSI CECs for a course you have taken:

Credits are provided by BICSI upon receipt of a copy of a BICSI accredited certificate.

Send a copy of your course certificate to:

8610 Hidden River Parkway
Tampa, Fl. 33637-1000

Fax: (+1) 813 769 1843