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Course Name: CommScope Training Passport

Course Number: TD0305

Price: USD $4000.00

Training Discount

Get 12 months unlimited access to the complete range of CommScope Academy online courses, including SYSTIMAX and Netconnect/Uniprise cert courses,...

Course Name: ACT Training Passport

Course Number: TD0307

Price: USD $1000.00

Training Discount

Get free access to NETCONNECT/Uniprise certification courses for 12 months. Ideal for partners. Includes 3801/3802/3000 courses with Training...

Course Name: Data Center Training Passport

Course Number: TD0309

Price: USD $850.00

Training Discount

Get 12 months access to the data center courses - SP8850, SP8860 and SPDCSC with this passport.

Course Name: SYSTIMAX Design and Engineering

Course Number: SP3321

Price: USD $850.00

Online Course


Foundation course for SYSTIMAX solutions, supporting the warranty and providing a platform for specialized design courses.

Course Name: SYSTIMAX MasterClass D&E and I&M Recertification

Course Number: SP3351

Price: USD $360.00

Online Course

7h 42m

Recertify in D&E and I&M with the latest SYSTIMAX Design and Installation changes. Covers important revisions in both courses.

Course Name: SYSTIMAX Installation & Maintenance

Course Number: SP3361

Price: USD $295.00

Online Course

9h 40m

Learn SYSTIMAX termination & testing best practices. Approved Partner students can register projects for SYSTIMAX warranty.

Course Name: SYSTIMAX Installation and Maintenance Recertification

Course Number: SP3361R

Price: USD $295.00

Online Course

7h 15m

This is designed as an update course for students who have completed the online SP3361 or classroom-based ND3361. Developed specifically with...

Course Name: SYSTIMAX Installation and Maintenance

Course Number: ND3361

Classroom Course

Learn SYSTIMAX termination & testing practices in this hands-on course. Approved Partner students can warranty SYSTIMAX sites for...

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