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JDSU Get Fiber Smart [SP4700]

JDSU designs and manufactures products for optical communications networks, communications test and measurement equipment. The SP4700 JDSU Get Fiber Smart course covers fiber inspection and cleaning, 'Best Testing Practices', Tier 1 OLTS and Tier 2 OTDR testing. v2

Estimated study time: 3h

Webcast duration: 1h:43m


The webcasts for this course are available in the following languages:

plus additional languages available for asssessments.


This course will focus on Enterprise fiber optic inspection, cleaning and testing, although much of the theory and advice in this course also applies to the testing of Broadband, Wireless and other fiber based networks. The course offers a test equipment vendor's perspective to anyone involved in testing fiber networks, be it field test engineers, installers, quality control or project managers.

Pre-requisite experience:

No pre-requisite knowledge is required for this course.


  • Understand the impact on performance of end face contamination
  • Overview best practices and standards
  • Introduce the tools of the trade
  • Understand reference methods and launch conditions critical to accurate testing
  • Detail Tier 1 OLTS (Optical Loss Test Set) testing practices
  • Detail Tier 2 OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometry) testing practices

Key Topics:

  • Best Practices in Enterprise Fiber Connectivity - Fiber Optic Connectors, key terms & benefits, contamination, impact of performance, types and causes, best practices & standards, Inspect Before You ConnectSM, IEC 61300-3-35 certification, tools of the trade, ensuring best practices, certifying your work, choosing the right tools for your needs.
  • Fiber Testing Fundamentals, Standards and Best Practices for Tier 1 Enterprise - Fundamentals and standards, covering the basics of fiber optic testing, reference methods and launch conditions, two critical issues affecting the accuracy of results, encircled flux, the measurements, how Tier 1 certification is performed.
  • Best practices in Tier 2 Enterprise Fiber Link Testing and Troubleshooting - Why use an OTDR?, brief review of optical behavior in fiber, how does an OTDR work?, what does an OTDR measure?, how to interpret the events on a trace, OTDR best practices, how to properly analyze a trace, tips & tricks, new advances in OTDR operation & user interfaces.

How will I learn?

You will study this course online in a self- paced format. The course is made up of a number of webcast lessons and online multiple choice assessments giving immediate feedback. It is supported by a number of videos and downloadable support documentation.

Successful completion will require:

Any level of pass in the accumulative overall assessment score.

Is this the right course for me?

If you are involved in fiber installation and testing, or troubleshooting fiber in the enterprise market or any fiber network, you will benefit from this test equipment vendor's perspective of the best practices for inspection and testing.

Upon successful completion you will:

Receive a certificate that may be self-printed.


Course information:

Certificate valid for 4 years

Estimated study time: 3h

Webcast duration: 1h:43m

Course Benefits

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Effective learning
  • Learn on the go and on-site
  • Cost effective
  • Consistent training globally
  • Access latest material

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