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Powered by Andrew® and packed with decades of experience, our wireless courses are designed for a variety of skill levels, from senior engineers to novice installers.

Topics include RF basics, antenna theory, microwave systems, in-building wireless engineering and advanced antenna systems.

For the latest training in cellular networks, we have a number of courses focused on base station antennas, fiber-to-the-antenna, cell-site cabling and microwave backhaul antenna solutions.

The CommScope Infrastructure Academy includes wireless courses previously offered by the Andrew Institute. Launched in 1992, the Andrew Institute educated more than 50,000 wireless professionals in RF Path best practices.

Courses formerly provided by the Andrew Institute are now offered within the Academy's course catalog.


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Course Name: Microwave Radio Antenna Link Fundamentals

Course Number: SP6105

Price: USD $95.00

Online Course


This course covers the fundamentals of microwave transmission, microwave theory, microwave antenna selection and systems installation.

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Course Name: Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA)

Course Number: SP6170

Price: USD $95.00

Online Course

6h 10m

Learn about Fiber optic technology, CommScope's solutions, fiber theory, installation & testing to support FTTA in this comprehensive course.

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