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Certifying and Troubleshooting Premises Cabling Systems NETCONNECT ACT II [ND3802]

This is a comprehensive CommScope NETCONNECT course featuring approximately 70% hands-on training with appropriate tools and test equipment. Each student will obtain the experience necessary to certify and document twisted pair and optical fiber cable plants according to the current ANSI/TIA-568 industry standards. Each student will also obtain experience troubleshooting common problems with installed premises cabling systems.


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Installers of premises cabling systems who prefer to take a class rather than the online SP3802 version of the ACT II course. (May not be available in all regions).

Pre-requisite experience

We recommend that students attending this course have previously completed CommScope NETCONNECT ACT I


  • Learn the terminology and standards associated with certification and compliance of premises cabling systems
  • Understand the capabilities of the available test equipment and which is used when
  • Know the steps required to break down a circuit and identify a fault on both copper and fiber
  • Learn how to verify a circuit is standards compliant
  • Understand the relationship of power budgets and application support
  • Recognise the common faults that occur on both copper and fiber and how to deal with them

Key Topics (delivery may vary regionally)

Introduction and Terminology

  • Define and explain the terminology associated with the certification and troubleshooting of premises cabling systems.
  • Review the capabilities and general operation of the following test equipment: Cable Analyzers, Optical Loss Test Sets, Visual Fault Locators (VFL), Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR) and Microscopes.

Industry Standards Review

  • Identify, compare, and define the role of the industry standards in the network cabling industry.
  • Describe the elements of the telecommunications system as described by the industry standards.
  • Define "link" and "channel", and describe the difference between the two.

Twisted Pair Cabling Systems

  • Describe twisted pair cable classifications and transmission performance guidelines.
  • Explain the industry standards parameters and guidelines for twisted pair cable, connectors, and cabling systems.
  • Recognize common twisted pair cabling system faults and describes how to troubleshoot them.
  • Use a variety of Cable Analyzers to make typical certification tests on twisted pair cable.

Optical Fiber Cabling Systems

  • Describe optical fiber cable classifications and transmission performance guidelines.
  • Explain the industry standards parameters and guidelines for optical fiber cable, connectors, and cabling systems.
  • Describe how to determine power budgets and margins.
  • Recognize common optical fiber cabling system faults and describes how to troubleshoot them.              
  • Describe the testing procedures for Insertion Loss as required by the ANSI/TIA 568 standard.
  • Use a microscope, an optical loss test set, and an OTDR to make typical certification tests on fiber optic cable.

How will I learn?

This is an instructor led course. Each student will receive a comprehensive course manual. The content, format and delivery of the courses may differ by country and region.

Successful completion will require:

Full attendance, successful participation in the workshops, feedback sessions and instructor signoff on ALL workshop disciplines and the course examination.

Is this the right course for me?

If you are using the CommScope NETCONNECT solution and have completed either ACT I and are involved in the testing and verification of installed plant and wish to take a classroom course then this is the right course for you. Alternatively if you wish to take this as an online course select the SP3802 course.

Upon successful completion you will:

Receive a certificate which is valid for 3 years.

“Effective Jun2022, BICSI recognizes ND3802 - Certifying and trouble Shooting Premises Cabling Systems - Netconnect ACT II training for BICSI continuing Education Credits (CECs)."

Course information:

BICSI CECs: 14 Event ID: OV-COMM-OC-0622-3

Certificate valid for 3 years