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Train your Installation & Maintenance Staff 'in-house'

The CommScope Academy recognizes that although e-learning offers many benefits, at times classroom based training still has the edge, especially for courses where students benefit from practical 'hands-on' instruction.

However, classroom courses can be expensive if you need to train large numbers of staff and you may not want to have all participants away attending courses at the same time.

To address this problem, the CommScope Academy has developed the Flexible Course Facility for Installation and Maintenance training. The Flexible Course Facility allows you to appoint a suitably qualified in-house instructor from within your own workforce to train your own staff in Installation and Maintenance. We call these instructors Authorized Trainer Assessors or ATA's.

Your ATA will be provided with all the online training material and assistance required to setup classes on your own premises. The course material they will use is the same as used by our own Academy instructors, so you can be assured that the same high standard is achieved.

The number of Installation & Maintenance technicians trained by your appointed ATA is unlimited and the cost savings against the traditionally scheduled Installation & Maintenance course can be substantial.

What qualifications does the appointed ATA need?

The ATA applicant must hold a current Installation & Maintenance (3361) certificate and Design & Engineering (3321) certificate.

In addition the ATA must be employed by your company and be able and confident to deliver I&M training within the workplace.

What equipment is required?

Most companies operating in the field of structured cabling will have sufficient ‘in stock’ samples to use for training purposes.

With Flexible Training each company is able to adapt and modify training to suit local and company demands rather than the rigid format required by publicly scheduled courses which need to fit a global requirement. But a full lab list of standard training equipment can be supplied as a guide if requested.

What are the costs involved?

There is no charge to register to become an Authorized Training Assessor.

For each student the registration fee is $150 for Training Passport holders and $250 if your company does not have a Training Passport.

Is it necessary for an ATA to re-register?

There is no requirement for an ATA to re-register, but certification in I&M and D&E must remain current by completing an online SP3351 Recertification Masterclass course.

Can my company have more than one ATA?

There is no limit to how many ATAs may be registered, but all must be equally qualified.

How to apply to become an ATA:

A suitably qualified applicant needs to complete a simple application form.

Once approved the ATA will be given access to the Training Support area of the site with access to training materials, student administration area, information and assistance.

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Benefits of Partner ATA Training:

  • Low cost training
  • Training at a time and place convenient to your student and ATA
  • Increased numbers of qualified Installation & Maintenance technicians within your company
  • All ATA trained Installation & Maintenance technicians hold the same level of certification as those trained on traditionally scheduled courses

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