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Powered Fiber Cable System Fundamentals [SP4910]

This course is an overview of CommScope’s Powered Fiber Cabling System. It details where this solution would be most advantageous, the component parts and some case studies.

Estimated study time: 45 minutes

Overall content duration: 31 minutes


The webcasts for this course are available in the following languages:

plus additional languages available for assessments.


Recommended for anyone involved in wide area campus design where centralized powering of remote devices is required but the limitations of traditional PoE is exhausted.

Pre-requisite experience:

No pre-requisite knowledge is required for this course. Previous exposure to enterprise infrastructure environments and a general understanding of IT and LANs would be helpful though.


This course introduces the Powered Fiber Cabling System and looks at the components, the technology and the type of devices that can be utilized. It explains the typical types of environments and how the remote low power technology allows for the installation of cameras, WAP's and other powered devices without having to use qualified electricians.

Key Topics:

  • Powered Fiber Cable Technology & Architecture
  • Distance Limitations
  • Remote Powering
  • Cable & Component Selection
  • Standards
  • Power & Rectifier Supplies
  • Fiber Selection
  • Case Studies

How will I learn?

You will study this course online in a self- paced format. The course is made up of a number of webcast videos.

Successful completion will require:

Viewing of the complete webcasts and successful completion of assessments.

Upon successful completion you will:

Receive a certificate which is valid for 3 years.

Is this the right course for me?

If you want to learn how to solve installing remote active devices and the technology used to achieve this and wish to improve your knowledge and working practices, this course is for you.

Course information:

Certificate valid for 3 years

Estimated study time: 45 minutes

Overall content duration: 31 minutes

Course Benefits

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Effective learning
  • Learn on the go and on-site
  • Cost effective
  • Consistent training globally
  • Available in many languages
  • Access latest material

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