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imVision Webinar Q3-2021 [imVQ3-2021-SP]

This webinar covers the ability for the System Manager software to view racks and cabinets on a scaled floor plan using new footprint feature, UI enhancements for work order and events windows with new dashboard like view using interactive filters and counters, ability to define user roles for ease of adding new user accounts, and a walk through the new web interface for Controller X. It also includes a demo of integration between CMDB and imVision that was developed by our partner Netnix.

Estimated study time: 50 Minutes

Webcast duration: 40 Minutes


The webcasts for this course are available in the following languages:

plus additional languages available for assessments.


Recommended for any student involved in design, installation and project management of imVision Automated Infrastructure Management solutions.

Pre-requisite experience

The GL5555 Certified imVision Support Specialist course is recommended to students as a pre-requisite to this course.


Learn about several new capabilities that have been added to System Manager release 9.5, UI enhancement for Work Order, Event Log and conduits windows, new rack footprint feature, new user roles feature and new web interface for controller X.

Key Topics

  • UI enhancements for Work Order, Event Log and Conduits windows
  • Rack Footprint feature
  • User Roles
  • New web interface for Controller X web
  • Integration between imVision and CMDB from Netnix

How will I learn?

You will study this course online in a self- paced format. The course is made up of a recording of the live webinar and a assessment

Successful completion will require

Viewing of the complete webinar and passing the assessment.

Upon successful completion you will

Receive a certificate which is valid for 1 year.

Is the the right course for me?

If you are involved in the design or installation of imVision solutions and wish to improve your knowledge and working practices, this course is for you.

Course information:

Certificate valid for 1 year

Estimated study time: 50 Minutes

Webcast duration: 40 Minutes

Course Benefits

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Effective learning
  • Learn on the go and on-site
  • Cost effective
  • Consistent training globally
  • Access latest material

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