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SYSTIMAX Certified imVision Support Specialist Recertification [GL5555R]

This Guided Learning recertification course builds on the foundation content that imVision specialists received during the GL5555. It brings the most recent updates in iPatch hardware and imVision software to System Manager version 7.3. Therefore the pre-requisite for this course is holding a current CISS qualification.

Estimated study time: 4 hours

Overall content duration: 3 hours


The webcasts for this course are available in the following languages:

plus additional languages available for asssessments.


This course is aimed at students who are already qualified in GL5555 Certified imVision Support Specialist since it was launched in November 2012. This is the third update since the foundation course was launched and it provides the ability to recertify your CISS qualification. Students qualified in CISS need to complete this course within two years of qualifying in GL5555 and two years after taking GL5555R previously in order to maintain their CISS qualified status.

Pre-requisite experience:

It is mandatory for you to first complete the ​​GL5555 course before taking GL5555R, thereafter you will use this course to recertify every 24 months.

Mandatory Student lab requirement:

Like the foundation course GL5555, this course does have workshops and uses no more than the original hardware than that course required. But unlike that course, workshops are informative and there is no workshop submission.


  • An introduction to the AIM (Automated Infrastructure Managem​ent) standard status and its main definitions and a general update of the latest iPatch hardware and imVision software
  • A detailed look at support for the MPO24, why is array connectivity needed? A revision of MPO support prior to SMv7.3 overview the new enhanced support for MPO port and assemblies introduced in SM7.3 release.
  • We will show how the System Manager user interface has been enhanced to make this complexity not only supported, but much more user friendly. Introduce the different MPO icons used in the user interface, and show the enhancements introduced to the cabling, patching and Trace windows.
  • We will show the steps required to add different array cords in 'unguided fashion' within System Manager and cover the adding of MPO array cords, the adding and removing of branches to and from existing array cords. How to resolve ‘Confirm’ situations and give examples of handling changes.
  • We will explore different invalid scenarios, and show how imVision can help prevent or detect such issues, that if unseen would result in ‘no service’. We will investigate invalid scenarios including 'Port Type' and 'Connection Mismatch'.
  • Introduce a new field in the SM database called Asset ID, Why Asset ID is needed, CMMS and EAM and how the new field would be used.
  • Explore enhancements introduced to an existing field called 'Number Shown at Rack'
  • Explain enhancements that are being released as part of System Manager 7.3.1 package including the new SYSTIMAX High Speed Migration fiber products and the New Port Configuration field and Enhanced Trace updates.​

Key Topics:

  • imVision Update Introduction
  • ImVision Support for the MPO-24
  • System Manager MPO Enhanced Features
  • Unguided Patching Enhancements
  • SMv7.3  Detection of Invalid Situations
  • Asset ID
  • Number Shown at Rack
  • System Manager v7.3.1 Preview ​

How will I learn:

The 'Guided Learning' GL5555 format enables the student to take this practical course at their own premises and at their own pace with the support of online learning content. Webcast study lessons, videos, webpage based workshops, installation and operational PDF documents and SYSTIMAX imVision System Manager Software are provided.

Successful completion will provide:

An updated certificate which is availble to print from your account. If you are a CommScope Partner you’ll be entered on the CommScope certification database and a badge is available to you via the Infrastructure Academy App, recognizing the student as recertified as Certified imVision Support Specialist (CISS). BICSI CECs are available for this course, please check the BICSI support document in your resources area for details. Recertification is required within two years using the GL5555R Certified imVision Support Specialist Recertification course.

Is this the right course for me?

If you are already qualified in CISS and need to know about the latest iPatch hardware and imVision software changes and features, then this is the right course for you.


“Effective Dec9th 2019, BICSI recognizes GL5555R - Systimax Certified ImVision Support Specialist Recertification training for BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs).” 

Course information:

BICSI CECs: 2 Event ID: OV-COMM-OC-1219-1

Certificate valid for 2 years

Estimated study time: 4 hours

Overall content duration: 3 hours

Course Benefits

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Effective learning
  • Learn on the go and on-site
  • Cost effective
  • Consistent training globally
  • Available in many languages
  • Access latest material

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