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Dramatically reduce the cost
of your Infrastructure training

Your passport to big discounts

The CommScope Infrastructure Academy wants you to benefit from our market leading Infrastructure training, but we understand that training your full workforce can be costly.

To help reduce the cost of your training and build a comprehensive training program for your staff, we offer various discounts in the form of a Training Passport. This is a discount code which provides access to discounted classroom training and free training for most of our online courses for all your employees.

Benefits of a Training Passport:

  • One Training Passport can be used by all employees
  • Each employee can complete multiple courses
  • Huge discounts available on all types of training
  • Use to build your own internal training program
  • Encourages students to take specialty course topics
  • Single annual fee
  • Serious advantage over your competition
CommScope Training Passport

CommScope Training Passport

Provides discounts on CommScope courses for 12 months. Most online courses are free of charge and other courses have varying discounts. Those courses included in the Passport are indicated by this icon CommScope Passport icon in the catalog and includes the main SYSTIMAX and ACT certification courses, so a separate ACT passport is not required. *

The cost of a CommScope Training Passport is $6,000 for the first year and $3,500 for subsequent renewals.

* Any applicable discounts will be applied when the purchase is added to your basket.


ACT Training Passport

ACT Training Passport

For those interested solely in ACT training, we offer an ACT Training passport.

Further details can be found here:

ACT Training Program

Further detail

When can my company buy a Training Passport and how

You can buy a Training Passport at any time of the year. To purchase, simply click the Buy/Renew Now button above, you will need to be signed in.

Once my company has a Training Passport how do I book a course and take advantage?

When you buy a Training Passport you will be required to nominate an administrator/training manager responsible for the unique Training Passport number (discount code). When you purchase a course, you will be asked to enter your companies Training Passport and after this your discount will be applied once you have clicked Checkout.

What if my company does not buy a Training Passport?

Then you and your colleagues can continue to register for courses, both online and classroom, as you need them, however Training Passport discounts on courses will not be applicable.

What happens if my company does not renew a training passport?

If a Training Passport is not renewed, it will be considered 'lapsed' and any incomplete courses booked using the Training Passport will be frozen until it is renewed.

Therefore, if a company does not intend to renew a passport, they must complete any courses before the end of the Training Passport's validity period. If the Training Passport is renewed within the valid period, access to the courses will be unfrozen and training may continue.

Will online courses be available in other languages?

Nearly all online courses are already translated into multiple languages using ‘Language Assist technology**’. See the course catalog, which will indicate the current language status. Online assessments are always available in multiple languages Classroom courses will remain where possible with a local language instructor.

** For 'language assist' policy, view more detail here.

What if I would prefer to take a course as an instructor led classroom course?

Should this be the case contact either your local CommScope representative or training representative and we may be able to arrange for a "coaching course" with an instructor, which in most cases will be in the local language. In this instance a course price will be constructed based upon the number of students and any direct costs we will incur.

Are other types of Training Passport discount available?

We are continuously reviewing the discount options managed by the Passport facility. If you have a requirement that may be managed using a passport contact us.

Who can take the courses bought using a Training Passport?

A Training Passport relates to a single company within a country or state, so one Training Passport covers all of your company employees within a given country or state. You may book as many courses for as many of your eligible employees as you wish within the 12 month period.