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Comsearch offers comprehensive and interactive online microwave engineering courses to help hone your skills and enhance your expertise.

Comsearch training courses:

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Microwave Path Engineering Fundamentals


Online course

Gain expertise in Microwave path engineering with a mix of both theory and real world examples. Covers basic elements of a microwave path, the role of propagation in design, the elements of good path design, regulatory considerations and more.

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Microwave Path Design


Online course

A comprehensive microwave design certification course developed in collaboration with George Kizer, a pioneer and subject matter expert in the field of microwave design and author of Digital Microwave Communication.

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Changing the infrastructure of infrastructure training, CommScope offers flexible online training to suit whenever and wherever you and your team work best.

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From webcasts to remote examination, infrastructure certification has never been so accessible.


We provide more than just the facts and figures. Our training instructors provide relevant, germane work experience that will bring the conceptual into the real world.


Upon completion, you will receive a certificate that documents your accomplishment.