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FOSC 450 Cable Preparation & Installation [WR9411]

This course has now been retired and is not available for booking.

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The FOSC 450 Fiber Splice closures are used in many applications, Direct Burial, below grade in Hand Holes and Man holes, above grade in pedestals and aerial on poles and strands. This course introduces the components then details the seven installation steps from cable preparation through to sealing the closure and testing of the seal. The structured learning approach to this course is built on a logical sequence of slides, videos and student interaction culminating in a short assessment.

Assessment duration: 15 minutes


The webcasts for this course are available in the following languages:

plus additional languages available for assessments.


Installation contractors, sales representatives and distributors

Pre-requisite experience

No pre-requisite experience is required to take this course as the subjects covered will be of interest to anyone working in the broadband installation field using CommScope products.


Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Identify the seven cable preparation and installation steps of FOSC 450 Fiber Optic Splice Closures
  • Explain the functions of the components of the FOSC 450
  • Detail the seven installation steps associated with the FOSC 450

Key Topics

  • FOSC 450 Component Overview
  • Preparing Cables
  • Removing and Dissassembling Closure
  • Attaching Cables
  • Storing Slack and Unspliced Fibers
  • Attaching Splice Tray
  • Installing Gel Block
  • Sealing Closure and Testing Seal

How will I learn?

You will study this course online in a self-paced format. The structured learning approach to this course is built on a logical sequence of slides, videos. There are numerous question answer slides to assist the students learning progress. Upon completion the student will complete the course 10 question assessment.

Successful completion will require

Any level of pass in the accumulative overall assessment score.

Is this the right course for me?

If you are involved in the installation of CommScope's broadband fiber products or managing such installations then this course is right for you.

Upon successful completion you will

Receive a certificate that may be self-printed.

Course information:

Certificate valid for 1 year

Assessment duration: 15 minutes

Course Benefits

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Effective learning
  • Learn on the go and on-site
  • Cost effective
  • Consistent training globally
  • Access latest material

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