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Installing Premises Cabling Systems NETCONNECT ACT I [ND3801]

This CommScope NETCONNECT course equips you with the installation and termination know-how you need to enhance your company's quality control, cost effectiveness and profitability, as well as provide you with a competitive edge in bidding, increase the value of your work, and ultimately your customer's satisfaction.

This course includes an overview of premises cabling systems, a review of the ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC industry standards, and a discussion and hands-on practices on the rough-in, installation, management, and termination of twisted pair and optical fiber cabling systems. The course is about 65% hands-on. The students will terminate and wire-map test unshielded and a shielded cabling links, as well as terminate and continuity-test various fiber optics connectors and a mechanical splice.


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South Africa

19th Jun 2023



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Installers of NETCONNECT premises cabling systems who prefer to take a class rather than the online SP3801 version of the ACT I course. (May not be available in all regions).

Pre-requisite experience

No pre-requisite experience is required although most attendees will have had at least some exposure to Enterprise structured cabling installation.


  • Provides exposure to the CommScope NETCONNECT solution product range
  • Teaches the recommended installation and termination practices specific to the CommScope NETCONNECT products
  • Understand what constitutes both good and bad installation and termination practices
  • Learn post termination inspection techniques
  • Know how to test both copper and fiber links post installation

Key topics (delivery may vary regionally)

  • Introduction to Premises Cabling: · Define and describe a Premises Cabling System
    · Describe the purpose and philosophy of the telecommunications cabling system standards
    · List and define the elements of the standards
    · List the twisted pair cable types and categories, define their construction and compare the differences between shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables
    · Define the terms related to the performance of optical fiber
    · Define the types of optical fiber and their construction, and compare their performance and applications
    · State the cable and connector types and cabling distances specified by the ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC standards
  • Rough-in: · Define rough-in and describe the tools, materials, and documentation needed
    · Describe the methods and materials used in the rough-in for the telecommunications room, equipment room, entrance facility, telecommunications outlet, and both the horizontal and backbone pathways
  • Installation: · Describe the standards-based installation guidelines and practices for optical fiber and twisted pair cabling
    · Describe cable management and slack recommendations, guidelines, and practices
    · Define and describe installation considerations for the horizontal and backbone pathways
    · Explains proper cable preparation and installation procedures.
  • Twisted Pair Cabling Termination: · Define the method of termination, termination practices, color coding and wiring patterns for twisted pair cabling
    · Complete hands-on termination and quality inspection by each student
  • Optical Fiber Cabling Termination: · Define the method of termination, the termination practices and color coding for optical fiber cables
    · Explain proper and industry recommended cleaning/inspecting practices for optical fiber connectors
    · Complete hands-on termination and quality inspection by each student
  • Administration and Documentation: · Define the elements of an administration system
    · Describe the process of labeling and color coding for the administration identifiers
    · Describe “central” drawing documentation
  • Course Review and Examination

How will I learn?

This is an instructor led course. Each student will receive a comprehensive course manual. The content, format and delivery of the courses may differ by country and region.

Successful completion will require:

Full attendance, successful participation in the workshops, feedback sessions and instructor signoff on ALL workshop disciplines

Is this the right course for me?

If you are involved in the installation of premises infrastructure cabling and plan on using the CommScope NETCONNECT solution then this is the CLASSROOM course for you and the course examination. Alternatively if you wish to take this as an online course select the SP3801 course.

Upon successful completion you will:

Receive a certificate which is valid for 3 years.

“Effective Jun2022, BICSI recognizes ND3801 - Installing Premise Cabling Systems - Netconnect ACT 1 training for BICSI continuing Education Credits (CECs)."

Course information:

BICSI CECs: 13 Event ID: OV-COMM-OC-0622-2

Certificate valid for 3 years

Course Benefits

  • Practical lab environment
  • Instructor guided training
  • Hands-on skill practice
  • Tool and product exposure
  • Practical assessment

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