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NG Bailey

Removing the Fear of Failure for Infrastructure Training Success

We had a desire to be the best trained integrator in the UK, and we found when we took the fear of failure away, people wanted to learn. One of the best mechanisms for that was CommScope's training passport - it's second to none really. There's no other structured cabling firm that has something so in-depth and has so many courses as the CommScope Infrastructure Academy.

Scott Baker, Head of Business Development for NG Bailey's IT Services division.


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of the highest trainin integrators globally


The UK's Largest Independent Engineering Firm

NG Bailey is the UK's leading independent engineering, IT and facilities services business with a deserved reputation for excellence. NG Bailey offers integration from the outset of a project, from planning and design through the supply chain, to offsite manufacture, installation and maintenance.

A CommScope partner for 20 years, the company is committed to offering tailored and innovative solutions and has a proven track record in doing so in a broad range of market sectors. NG Bailey's 2,500 people are at the heart of the organisation and it is recognised that the company has one of the industry’s foremost apprenticeship schemes.

Main Focus / Solution

Skilled Beyond Competitors

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need a point of differentiation.

For NG Bailey, that meant improving employee training in order to become one of the highest trained integrators in the world.

Recognising the value of training to enhance efficiency and reduce cost, NG Bailey's desire to be skilled beyond competitors required a wide range of solutions and courses. Training needed to be comprehensive, easy to understand and readily available whenever and wherever it was needed.

Turning to the CommScope Infrastructure Academy, NG Bailey found the training variety needed, and through the flexibility of online courses, created a culture of workforce learning; removing the fear of failure through accessible training.


Personal progression

Personal and Professional Progression

CommScope's Training Passport provides access to a vast library of online courses and resource materials. As it can be used by all employees, organisations can create training plans to suit individual's requirements, and use it to create a positive atmosphere towards training.

That's exactly what NG Bailey did. Through a combination of group learning support and self-instruction, the pressure of course failure was removed; a substantial training blockage. This was beneficial on multiple levels. Firstly, employees developed a positive approach to training; understanding the upskill value. Secondly, improved knowledge enhanced efficiency and productivity while reducing error - minimising the costs back to the company.

  • Self-paced approach removes fear of failure for training optimism
  • Enhanced product knowledge increases employee productivity
  • Improved employee knowledge minimises error and reduces costs
Video webcasts

Recognised Certification

Initially, improved training was driven by a desire to be better as a company. For NG Bailey this is still a prime goal, but as training progressed it became clear that the value behind CommScope's courses was also driving employees to request more training.

Providing access to industry recognised certification served to add to the value and desirability of training, for individuals and company alike.

  • Recognised certification for respect across the industry
  • Superior employee training for competitive success
  • Valued certifications advance individual’s career progression
Video webcasts

Instant Access

Regardless of the value of certification, the fact that all training courses are available online meant the stress and hassle of learning was removed.

Without class deadlines, employees could fit training around their schedules, focus on the courses most important to them, learn on-site with mobile device access, and stop or start their training to suit over time.

  • Online training access for easy training access
  • Device flexibility for mobile training and onsite resources
  • Varied classes to suit all employee requirements

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