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SP3321 - SYSTIMAX SCS Design and Engineering

SP3321 - SYSTIMAX SCS Design and Engineering

The firm focus is design and the commercial design aspects specific to the large range of SYSTIMAX cabling products such as GigaSPEED® UTP and FTP, Xpress®, VisiPatch™, InstaPATCH™ copper and fiber pre-terminated solutions, iPatch® hardware. Design to standards and extended SYSTIMAX design are included together with testing and warranty requirements.


This course is intended for anyone who will be directly involved in the Design and Engineering of SYSTIMAX Structured Cabling Systems. The primary audiences are SYSTIMAX PartnerPRO™, SYSTIMAX Solutions technical support personnel, account managers, consultants and 'end users' involved in SYSTIMAX specification.

Pre-requisite experience:

No pre-requisite knowledge is required for this course. Previous exposure to Enterprise infrastructure environments, a general understanding of IT and LANs will all be helpful. This course will take new students to a high design level. This detailed foundation course is further complimented with a series of specialist courses that deal with design in areas such as ‘In Building’ Wireless, Data Center, Intelligent Building Automation systems, Security, imVision Infrastructure management solution, Redwood Building Performance lighting platform.


  • Provide a foundation of essential knowledge to support the design of a SYSTIMAX solution
  • Understand Data Communications fundamentals
  • Review basic transmission principals
  • Overview industry standards
  • Introduce SYSTIMAX products & warranty
  • Understand architectural design issues
  • Learn about horizontal design copper and fiber
  • Design a fiber and copper riser systems
  • Know what to consider for campus designs
  • Select optimum SYSTIMAX products for the design
  • Order all necessary termination hardware
  • Understand the test requirements for registration
  • Take students to the required design level to complete SYSTIMAX warranties

Key Topics:

The focus of SP3321 is on the design of each SYSTIMAX SCS subsystem. Designs for PowerSUM, GigaSPEED® XL, Xpress® and X10D (U/UTP & F/UTP), VisiPatch™ VP360, LazrSPEED®, TeraSPEED™, InstaPATCH™ Cu and Quattro and 360 and 360iPatch®hardware are all included.The course will begin by overviewing SYSTIMAX design tools then move on with transmission techniques for copper and fiber, basic data communications fundamentals and industry standards. We also look at the technology behind the SYSTIMAX solution, all of which you will need to know before embarking upon the Design aspect of the course.

In the design lessons SYSTIMAX SCS products and components are reviewed in terms of selection and use. The commercial aspects and advantages of product choice are covered in detail. Industry standards such as ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173, EN50174, TIA/EIA-568 are included in this course for review and impact on design.

Throughout the course, key design requirements for the SYSTIMAX performance and warranty for GigaSPEED X10D, XL, PowerSUM and fiber solutions are raised and discussed. The launch of the SYSTIMAX 360 product range requires SYSTIMAX designers to understand this innovative group of products including additional 360-X10D channel designs, VP360, InstaPATCH Cu and Quattro, InstaPATCH 360 and 360 iPatch Hardware.

Lessons include:

  • SYSTIMAX Design Tools
  • Data Transmission
  • Key Standards Development
  • Data Communications Fundamentals
  • SYSTIMAX Solution Technology
  • SYSTIMAX Architectural Considerations
  • SYSTIMAX Horizontal Designs
  • SYSTIMAX Building Backbone Designs
  • SYSTIMAX Campus Backbone and Entrance facility
  • SYSTIMAX Administration Area Design
  • SYSTIMAX iPatch 360 Hardware Design
  • SYSTIMAX Safety Inspection and Testing
  • SYSTIMAX Warranty, Assurance & Site Registration

How will I learn?

You will study this course online in a self-paced format. The course is made up of a large number of webcast lessons and online multiple choice assessments giving immediate feedback.

Successful completion will require:

Any level of pass in the accumulative overall assessment score.

Is this the right course for me?

If you are involved in design, project management, consultancy and warranting of SYSTIMAX enterprise projects and require a thorough understanding of both standards based design and SYSTIMAX extended design options, then this course is for you.

Upon successful completion you will:

Receive the course certificate. CommScope PartnerPRO™ students will receive an ID Badge and authorized certificate to register SYSTIMAX sites for the design aspect of the warranty.


BICSI CECs: 23 Event ID: OV-COMMS-IL-0213-9

Certificate valid for 2 years



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= Associated learning= Re-certification= Pre-requisite

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